5 Fastest Ways to Get A Rich Man to Chase You

5 Fastest Ways to Get A Rich Man to Chase You

There is no denying that women all over the world want to know one thing: how can they let men chase them? Today, I'm going to teach you 6 of the best ways to achieve this goal and help you get the best men on some of the rich dating sites. Perhaps the best part is that you don't need to manipulate your man to make him chase you. But I'm just going to teach you some ways to help you have a better relationship.

Tip # 1: you have to be willing to lose him to get him
When you think about it, business and relationships have a lot in common. They're all about leverage, and in general, whoever has the advantage gets the better outcome. For relationships, it's not enough to make them stay or willing to leave. If you want a man to chase you, you must be willing to lose him. You can't worship him as a god. He is a replaceable man. You must realize that he is not irreplaceable. I know most women don't take that risk, but you always have to take that risk to get the results you want. This is the craziest part, and when you finally take action and adopt this mindset, it allows you to see things in a new way. But pretending is not enough. You must be willing to lose your man forever.

Tip # 2: the daydream effect is everything
Getting men to chase you is not as easy as you think. When I look back on my life, there are only a handful of men I really actively pursue. Usually, I fail in the chase, but that's another story. In general, when I think about the men I've chased, there's a consistency that comes to mind, and that's the daydream effect. So how do you create the daydream effect? It's pretty simple. You have to create an image that your man feels he will never achieve.

Tip # 3: find a way to make him feel like he'll lose you forever
In my research, I've found that there are six factors that make men commit in general. Satisfaction; Choice; Investment; Scarcity; Sense of urgency. Fear of losing. Now, I don't have time to go through all of these factors, but today I want to focus on one of them, the fear of loss.

Fear of loss: a sense of loss within a man that makes him realize your worth. As humans, we have this nasty quality of taking things for granted. Usually, it is only when we think we will lose something forever that we begin to realize its true value. Only when he finds out that he will lose you, will he know how to cherish you.

Tip 4: create a sense of urgency through scarcity
Scarcity is actually just another way to show that you want to pursue your man and that you are a hot commodity. If you want a man to chase you, it is important to let other men fight for your heart. Why is that? In tip 3, I talked about the importance of building a fear of loss. Usually, this is done by convincing the man you're trying to impress that another man can knock you off your feet.

This creates a compelling case for commitment. But remember, it doesn't take much jealousy to get aroused, so don't play with fire just yet. If he just thinks you might be out of the market soon, your value will go up in his eyes. He has to find you first.

Tip # 5: understand the science of the catch
So far, I've only discussed feelings and emotions. Now, I'd like to change the subject to science. Specifically, I want to talk about the science of playing hard to get. Some women think you shouldn't play games with people you care about, let them chase you or make them fall in love with you. I understand that. But, in my opinion, my job is not to discuss the morality of these strategies with you. What I'm going to talk about today may make you feel bad, but I don't want you to ruin yourselves.

There are two principles to prove my point.

1. Reactance theory

2. Uncertainty principle

Both of these psychological principles can be used to prove that playing hard to get does work. Let's start with the reactance theory.

Play hard to get and reactance theory

Reactance theory: humans have certain freedom of action, and when they feel that one of their freedom of action is under attack, they react in some way to regain that freedom. How does it help us achieve our goals? If a man feels that you will always be there for him, then his freedom to act will be formed in his mind. Whatever he does, he wants you there. However, this freedom is interrupted when you are trying to capture the offender, making it more likely that he will try to regain it. In a perfect world, you could create a reactance pattern that looks something like this, essentially, you would start by making your man feel like he has you, and then do something to make him feel like he doesn't have you.

The uncertainty principle and play hard to get

If you feel that the reactance theory isn't enough to "convince" you to strive for it, maybe the concept will.

Uncertainty principle: a psychological theory demonstrating that humans tend to be obsessed with "uncertainty variables" rather than "certain variables." For example, a rat experiment: in fact, two rats were asked to run through two mazes. One is very simple, nothing could be simpler. The other maze was very complicated, and if the rats finished the maze, they got the cheese. Scientists want to determine whether certain variables are more influential than the principle of uncertainty. Interestingly, they found that the simple maze rats did not initially eat the cheese at the end of the maze.

This was in stark contrast to the rats in the other maze. Scientists believe that mice who are confident about cheese find it less attractive than those who have to work to get it. Men are like that. They tend to value what they have to work for. Don't get is always the best.

With these tips listed in this article, you should be able to catch up with him pretty quickly. Now is the time to join some elite dating sites to start dating and implement these tips!

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