5 New Rules for Modern Celebrity Dating

5 new rules for modern celebrity datingWell, that's probably a bit of an exaggeration. But for many, the current celebrity dating scene is like a big fight.

Maybe you've sent a lot of people messages on the Internet without getting a reply. Maybe you've met someone, had a good time, and mysteriously never heard from them again.

If you can find a date without your pajamas on it, it's easy enough. However, the tools that are supposed to make dating easier often leave us feeling depressed and even more alone.

I often hear: "can't things go back to the way they were?" When you can call someone and go on a date, do they really show up? But that won't happen, and it's the dawn of the digital dating era. This is just the beginning. You can complain about anything you want, but that doesn't change anything.

So like everything else in life, if you want to stay successful, you need to adapt. Here are five new rules for surviving modern celebrity dating.

1.Text trumps phone calls, at least initially

When I was growing up, it was okay to call a girl just to talk. But now, I almost always advise men to text new girls instead of calling them. Of course, there are still some young people who prefer to talk on the phone rather than send text messages. But, as entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck showed us in this speech, about two-thirds of listeners hate answering the phone. Celebrities don't want to be caught off guard on a date and have to take a call from a new boyfriend.

2.Write a short message

Before you date, just text. 140 characters or less, even just a few words. Don't write messages that are much longer than others. I'm not trying to get you to over-analyze the length of every message you send, but to put more pressure on the person who responds. They also make you look too engaged, too fast. The same goes for online celebrity dating.

3.Put your profile photos first

We need information as fast as possible, and images can give us that information. Social apps like Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and Tinder are proof.

Tinder is popular because it gives us the fastest way to filter out people we're not interested in. Unfortunately, this only further erodes the relevance of good profiles and thoughtful information. If you don't have attractive photos, you'll struggle with online dating. You may get the most interesting information, but if your thumbnail doesn't show your strengths, you won't get the success you want.

4.Accept that people will get angry with you

Does this sound familiar?

You met a nice girl. You text her and plan to meet in a few days. You can even talk to her on and off until the day you're supposed to hang out. On the date, you texted her that you were happy to meet her. She replied unexpectedly that she was ill, stuck at work, or had something to do at home. She apologized and said she would tell you when she was free.

My only comfort to you is that you are not alone. It's true that people always cancel at the last minute. All you have to do is learn to accept.

5.Filter out lies about online dating

Men most often increase their height by 2 inches to cover their height. Women often lie about their weight, such as choosing an inaccurate figure, Posting outdated photos, or using only the most flattering angles. Both men and women lie about being three to five years younger than they are.

OK, so that's all the new rules about celebrity dating in modern times. If you don't know anything, follow www.celebritydatingwebsite.com for more information.