How to Greet a Woman on a First Celebrity Date

How to Greet a Woman on a First Celebrity DateFirst impressions are really important whether you're in a job interview or on a date. It's also crucial when you're greeting a woman on your first celebrity date. The first few seconds of a first date can make it a success, or it can end the date before you even get started. So, how to greet a celebrity singles on your first celebrity date is something we'll talk about. We will discuss what you should do, and just as important what you should not do.

Don't shake hands.
Always remember not to shake hands on a first date. Why is that? Because shaking hands is something you do with a colleague or a friend of your parents. When you shake hands with a celebrity single on your first date, you give your date a sense of formality and distance. If you want to have a romantic relationship with your first date, don't shake her hand when you greet her for the first time. In fact, you should never shake hands with a woman in any dating situation.

Hug or not hug?
There are places where hugging is considered a basic form of etiquette, and remember that we are talking about hugging and not kissing. No matter where you come from or whether it is customary in your country to kiss someone as a sign of good manners, remember not to kiss the person on your first date. In other situations, kissing may be appropriate, but you need to respect your famous woman on your first date. Because you don't know if your date will like it, don't try kissing or hugging.

When it comes to hugging, what we recommend you do is half-hug and dive in. What does that mean? When we say half-hug, we mean one arm, and sometimes two arms, like you give a hug to a stranger you've just met, or a friend you haven't seen in a long time. The best way to describe this hug is that you usually turn your head to one side and hug half of their body. Don't give them a full or two arm hug. It will make your hair stand on end and give your date a bad start. If you are confused or unsure of what is acceptable, choose not to hug. However, we do think that a friendship-style hug can break down the awkward physical barriers of a first date. Do what you're comfortable with and don't force your date to do what they're uncomfortable with. If she pulls away when you go inside, say you're sorry.

Plan a detailed rendezvous.
A good place to date is also a good place to start a date. If you meet a woman on a celebrity dating site, your problem is not how to greet a girl on the first date, but how to successfully greet the right girl on the first date. At this point, a detailed rendezvous location comes into play. The key here is the detail. For example, if you decide to meet at a bar on your first date, instead of saying, "hey, I'll be waiting for you at x bar", say something more specific, such as "hey, I'll be waiting for you outside x bar at 7 p.m., where is the bench? I'll be sitting with a rose.

By having this conversation, you'll make your date feel like you're a serious person and they'll be less nervous. By giving them the exact details of where you're going to meet them on your first date, they'll be more than happy to know that at least they'll know where to find you easily. You'll also notice that we recommend you meet outside, not inside. It just makes the women you meet less nerve-racking.

Meet her on time
I don't really want to bring up the importance of being on time in any situation, but just in case some people make that mistake, let me mention it. After you've set up those dates, all you have to do is arrive on time and go out there to greet her. Remember to be punctual. You must be punctual for appointments. In fact, you'd better get there early. Any woman loves a man who keeps his word, and if she can't even count on you to show up on time on the first date, she'll wonder if you're unreliable. Plan accordingly and make sure you get there on time.

Finally, these are all things you should and shouldn't do to help you date a celebrity single on a first meet. But that's only part of it, because there's so much more to do on a first date. If you want more help, check out our exclusive dating sites for more information about dating celebrities to help you get the best first date.