The Success Story of First Met On the Celebrity Dating Website

The success story of first met on the celebrity dating website"Dave and I met on the rich celebrity dating website, and when we first met, we decided who we were!" Dave liked me first, and we started sending messages back and forth when we attracted by each other through this largest rich dating site for celebrity singles. This quickly grew to texting several times a day. We had a good talk and we started talking about dating. I had a serious family problem in the first few weeks, and I didn't feel I could afford to date Dave. I want to be fair to him and explain my situation. He understood me very well, thanked me for my honesty and wished me well.

At this point I think it should mean we’re done.

Surprisingly, however, Dave texted me every few days to show his support, which meant everything to me. I asked him if we could live without any romantic expectations because I thought he was attractive to me. He said he was attracted to me, and he had no problem with that. So the text messages started, and we shared a lot of information about ourselves. We quickly realized that we had a lot in common in our relationships, life experiences, and attitudes toward life past, present and future. After a while, we decided it was time to meet! We lived an hour and a half apart, and while I warned Dave that my direction was wrong, I didn't think it would be as bad as it is now. We both missed the place to meet, and Dave drove up the highway and found me sitting on the curb! Then we went for a late lunch and shared some great conversations. We now visit each other weekly and talk each day, and have become a couple looking forward to the future.

I can't say too much about my positive feelings about Dave and me.

On Lori, by Dave:

When I was growing up, it was okay to call a girl just to talk. But now, I almost always advise men to text new girls instead of calling them. Of course, there are still some young people who prefer to talk on the phone rather than send text messages. But, as entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck showed us in this speech, about two-thirds of listeners hate answering the phone. Celebrities don't want to be caught off guard on a date and have to take a call from a new boyfriend.

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I met Lori online the first time I used an online dating site. I tagged her at first, and then we started texting each other. We find that we have a lot of positive similarities, feelings and life experiences. We also have very similar attitudes to life, so when all these similarities come together, we start to become a couple. We now talk almost every day and meet at least once a week. I can't say enough about her and the positive feelings she has for me.

I appreciate the rich celebrity dating website so much because there are such good people.